It’s been a long time between posts!

8D1680CF-76AD-4821-8671-538BC3D6DBDB.jpegHi again friends, sharing my news as well as the above photo taken in Tasmania earlier this year! (Luckily we were not driving this motorcycle beast)

I have been very lax at posting in recent times and am very happy to report that I am happily surviving – and thanks to my friend Ted for bringing this to my attention recently!

I have to report that yesterday (Monday 10 September 2018) I completed my 66th consecutive 3 weekly chemo regime.  Despite having a number of annoying side effects, my overall health remains good, and we try to travel between chemo as much as possible – you know the old adage, so much to do, so little time.  I guess that applies to all of us, especially those 70 years old!

It doesn’t seem 11 years ago this coming 12 December 2018, that I was given the grave news after having lung biopsy’s that I had 4 months to live.

I think this great result is thanks to my time in China working on my immune system as well as the chemotherapy I am having in Adelaide currently which is keeping this terrible disease at bay.

I wish my followers good health and happy lives, and I will try to keep in touch with my milestones in survival.

Love and light,




DCEMBER 2015, Adelaide:

It’s very hot in Adelaide at present, but keeping cool.

It’s nearly the anniversary of my diagnosis – 12 December 2007 (it’s funny that you forget a lot of things, but not the day you were told you had 4 months to live) – 8 years and counting! Yay!
Thanks to all my friends in China.
Not a lot to share, as life just goes on as before, having three weekly Alimta (pemetrexed) chemo, with one bad week, one ok week, then one good week – then line up again for chemo! What fun – not!
Due for another scan in January 2016.
Despite the usual side effects, I am really fortunate though to be still here, but hopeful that Keytruda will be the lifeline that all the mesowarriors are waiting for.
Everyone should sign the petition to get it on the PBS, as it has already been passed for lung cancer and melanoma. It has been very successful for those on the Keytruda trials.
I will definitely let you know if anything changes!

Wishing everyone a really great Christmas, and a fantastic 2016
Sending love and light to all, especially fellow mesowarriors!

Lorraine xoxo
Sheraton Houjie


Hi again,

Have been having a few issues with side effects from chemo – I have Alimta (pemetrexed) chemo every 3 weeks and whilst not ideal, on the other hand, worry that I will have an allergic reaction bad enough to have to stop Alimta as I had with cisplatin/alimta combination.

I had a scan recently and the good news is that there is no new growth.  So of course asked the oncologist if I could have a rest from chemo as it does get you down.  His response was that whilst it is ultimately up to me, the danger is that once the disease becomes active and could move quickly, that having a rest could mean that the chemo may not work again.  So I said, bring it on, chemo it is!  In the wise words of someone somewhere – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I just have to keep in mind now lucky I am to be here nearly 8 years after diagnosis and still have a great life!

Every Mesowarrior’s friend Lou, is doing such a great job of keeping mesotheiioma in the media, and the petition she has started to put Keytruda on the PBS for mesothelioma is admirable (everyone should sign the petition).  It’s really great to see that she is doing so well on Keytruda, especially as she came from being a few weeks away from death – now is looking good!

Love & light to everyone,


ADELAIDE: JULY 2015 update

Had my usual 3 weekly chemo this week. Then developed problems with my legs: swelling, numbness and nerve pain. When I talked to my oncologist he asked if I would like to stop chemo to have a better quality of life – so …. if the only thing which is keeping the mesothelioma at bay, does dying earlier give me a better quality of life? LOL. I think NOT!

I choose to keep on with Alimta and put up with the inconvenience. Hoping that the magic bullet is just around the corner, there seems to be so much research into alternatives to chemo, we just have to live long enough! However, I really can’t complain, as you only have to look around d and see that there are so many people far worse of than yourself.

Love and light to all my followers. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.



Over the Easter weekend, I was interviewed for a story about the third wave of mesothelioma, quite timely as Global Asbestos Awareness Week was 1 – 7 April: “hear asbestos, think prevention – asbestos, 1 word, 1 world, 1 week”.

I have been told that the story will feature on CH10 The Project on 14 April – but I can’t confirm this date.

I believe that my interview will be part larger cross section of people discussing their involvement with asbestos, so I just might have my 15 seconds of fame as a survivor! (following my terminal diagnosis, and a life expectancy of around 4 months, on 12 December 2007)!

Loving thoughts to all the Mesowarriors fighting on! Love and light to you Lou.

Best wishes,


ADELAIDE: April 2015 – going forward

Just a quick catch up.

I have been on a regime of 3 weekly chemo for a while now, on Pemetrexed and Cisplatin. Unfortunately around December I had an allergic reaction to Cisplatin, so that’s now gone for good. Only on Pemetrexed (Alimta) which means shorter time having chemo. This 3 weekly cycle will go on for the future, only when I go on a holiday will the time between chemo be lengthened.

Life is good, just a few ongoing problems, but hey I can’t complain – 7 YEARS and counting!

Love and light to all!

IMG_4253 - Version 2


Hi there, current update:

Still have lingering remains of viral chest infection.
This week’s surprise is DVT in left leg, on blood thinners.
Having another chemo chest port put in next Monday in time to have 2nd chemo on Tuesday.

Other than that, life is peachy keen! Onwards and upwards!

Send positive thoughts – love and light to all. L