After 7.5 years of successful treatment to halt the progression of  mesothelioma, my condition has been considered stable with the disease confined to the left lung only.

Around 6 weeks ago, began to have severe pain in my back which inexplicably moved around with treatment so after having no real success, my Doctor suggested I have a CT Scan.  Even my Doctor was amazed at the results of the scan, having had so much success in keeping the mesothelioma stable.

The scan revealed that whilst there was no activity in the areas previously treated in China, there was new activity in three areas in the left lung and now in the right lung.  Wow!

My Oncologist in Adelaide advised that there has been no different treatments available today than there were 7.5 years ago when I was first diagnosed, even more so now that it is in both lungs.  The first thing to do was give me a number of pain killing drugs to give relief from the pain – I need not describe it to my other Meso Warriors!  On Monday next week I start with 2 chemo drugs every 3 weeks.

I am feeling really  confident that the chemo will again stop the progression, then I can look into the China option again.  After my problems with chemo before, I always said I would never have it again, but when your back is against the wall there are no nevers!   I told my oncologist that we have booked a cruise to New Zealand in November – so get cracking with the treatment.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers – love and light to everyone !



6 thoughts on “ADELAIDE, JULY 2014

  1. Thinking of you as always Lorraine. Sending love and great vibes for your continued conquering of your condition. Keep up the great fight!

  2. Rod McFarlane says:

    Love Support and thoughts are with you Lorr, youve knocked it about before so there is no reason you can’t beat it again xx

  3. Evelyn Dunne says:

    Hi Lorraine. I remember all the probs you had with the Chemo. But your right if it stabilises it to give you a chance to get back to China for treatment then it is worth it. All those and you know there are many love you deeply I am sure will send your lots of love and light. You are one very special lady and my bestest friend. Xxxx

  4. Catriona says:

    Bugger Lorraine!!! – you are in our thoughts and prayers 100% Hope the treatment is kinder this time. Love to you both xx

  5. Tatiana says:

    Hi Loraine, hope this was not mesothelioma spots, but simple inflammation. Did you get AACTL in China? They say it is stronger then DC-CIK.

  6. Great to see you last week.I admire your strengths and have you in my prayers. Your soulmate .Rob xxxxx

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