ADELAIDE, JULY 2014 – gone viral!

Hi family and friends, spent 3 nights in hospital from Monday. Had a viral infection in my lung which was not good due to still being in compromised immunity from chemo last week. Coughing, temperature spikes, feeling generally pretty tired and sorry for myself (boo hoo to me). Here I am a few days later, almost shiny and new. Having another new chemotherapy port put in before the next round of chemo in 2 weeks. My oncologist will try to tailor the dose a bit so I am not so affected next time. So now on a low listeria diet as well.

Living life to the full! Have a look at my new friend, brought into my hospital room by grandchildren – he is so cute and looked after me well – his name is CJ Hedgehog!

Lorraine in hospital with new friend CJ Hedgehog (gift from grandchildren)

Lorraine in hospital with new friend CJ Hedgehog (gift from grandchildren)


4 thoughts on “ADELAIDE, JULY 2014 – gone viral!

  1. tedandjo says:

    We think you just like being the centre of attention! Just hurry up and get better. (And remember that we love you.)

    We are having a ball in beautiful Bergen,leaving tomorrow on Hurtigruten. A group email to follow shortly.

    Live from Jo and Ted

  2. Rod says:

    Youre looking good there Lorr! Funny how that bear wears the same glasses as you, good if you lose yours – you can borrow!

  3. Jo Lawrence says:

    Hi there, That is a great photo of you and CJ. We are sorry to hear of your setback Lorraine, and do hope all goes well, you are in our thoughts . Not much happening here, our lives are on hold,so to speak, until later this year, when, hopefully, we will know how things are with David. Take care, our best wishes to you both. Fond regards, Digby and Jo.

    Sent from my iPad


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