Over the Easter weekend, I was interviewed for a story about the third wave of mesothelioma, quite timely as Global Asbestos Awareness Week was 1 – 7 April: “hear asbestos, think prevention – asbestos, 1 word, 1 world, 1 week”.

I have been told that the story will feature on CH10 The Project on 14 April – but I can’t confirm this date.

I believe that my interview will be part larger cross section of people discussing their involvement with asbestos, so I just might have my 15 seconds of fame as a survivor! (following my terminal diagnosis, and a life expectancy of around 4 months, on 12 December 2007)!

Loving thoughts to all the Mesowarriors fighting on! Love and light to you Lou.

Best wishes,



5 thoughts on “ADELAIDE – APRIL 2015 – ‘NEWS FLASH’

  1. Barry Fence says:

    Hi Lorraine,

    You are such a bringer of hope to the many people who have found your blog. I have a close friend that is in the last stages of this disease.

    I would like to ask you what it cost to have the procedures done in Renkang Hospital. My apologies if you have already covered this subject earlier.

    My friend is located in Canada, so I’m hoping that the medical system here will recognize the treatment.

    Be well!



    • villadon says:

      Hi Barry,
      Thanks for your kind words. The cost of treatment in China is very expensive, I would estimate that over the course of the years I spent having treatment would have cost A$300K. Sending your friend love and light, Lorraine

  2. sandra tomko says:

    Hi Lorraine, we have tried to contact you through your email address, no luck–please respond to our email…

  3. sandra tomko says:

    hope you are doing well>>>>.love to hear from you

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