ADELAIDE: JULY 2015 update

Had my usual 3 weekly chemo this week. Then developed problems with my legs: swelling, numbness and nerve pain. When I talked to my oncologist he asked if I would like to stop chemo to have a better quality of life – so …. if the only thing which is keeping the mesothelioma at bay, does dying earlier give me a better quality of life? LOL. I think NOT!

I choose to keep on with Alimta and put up with the inconvenience. Hoping that the magic bullet is just around the corner, there seems to be so much research into alternatives to chemo, we just have to live long enough! However, I really can’t complain, as you only have to look around d and see that there are so many people far worse of than yourself.

Love and light to all my followers. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.



One thought on “ADELAIDE: JULY 2015 update

  1. Jo Lawrence says:

    Hi Lorraine and Gerry, We hope and pray that magic bullet is just around the corner, that was a big decision to make, and the right one. Digby and Jo

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