DCEMBER 2015, Adelaide:

It’s very hot in Adelaide at present, but keeping cool.

It’s nearly the anniversary of my diagnosis – 12 December 2007 (it’s funny that you forget a lot of things, but not the day you were told you had 4 months to live) – 8 years and counting! Yay!
Thanks to all my friends in China.
Not a lot to share, as life just goes on as before, having three weekly Alimta (pemetrexed) chemo, with one bad week, one ok week, then one good week – then line up again for chemo! What fun – not!
Due for another scan in January 2016.
Despite the usual side effects, I am really fortunate though to be still here, but hopeful that Keytruda will be the lifeline that all the mesowarriors are waiting for.
Everyone should sign the petition to get it on the PBS, as it has already been passed for lung cancer and melanoma. It has been very successful for those on the Keytruda trials.
I will definitely let you know if anything changes!

Wishing everyone a really great Christmas, and a fantastic 2016
Sending love and light to all, especially fellow mesowarriors!

Lorraine xoxo
Sheraton Houjie


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