China Cancer Treatment Contacts

If you are interested in finding out more information about Dr. Wang’s cancer treatment in China you can contact Lucy Li at or, Telephone +86 138 2212 0373 mobile or +86 20 3761 1008 Office. You can look up local time in China on She is usually available 9 am – 6 pm local time.

Doug Mitchell Ph.D, D.Univ is also another great source of information. He partners with Dr. Wang and was former Chairman of Opal Clinic, a Melbourne, Australia based clinic doing SPDT until 2008.  Unfortunately, this clinic had to close because of the unfavourable regulatory climate. His website, , is out of date, but still provides a lot of information on SPDT. He is very knowledgeable about the treatment going on in China and also has great information regarding supplement regimes. He can be contacted at

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to ask any detailed questions about the treatment and my experience in China.  I can be reached on

Dr. Wang Credentials

Dr. Wang Xiaohuai (Dr. Wang) has over 36 years of experience in clinical work in oncology. He is a specialist in internal oncology, tumour biotherapy, photodynamic therapy for tumour and diagnosis and therapy of advance stage tumour patients with all its inherent complications.

Dr. Wang also studied in the USA in his early years and undertook advanced studies for 3 years in a famous cancer center, MD Anderson in Houston, Texas USA.

He is highly regarded by the World Health Organization for the advances and breakthroughs he made in the field of photodynamic therapy. He invented equipment for whole body treatment with Sono Dynamic Therapy.

Dr. Wang is currently doing research on sono-photo-dynamic therapy (SPDT) combined with special chemotherapy to affect a cure for tumours.  The success of his research will herald a revolution in oncology and give the cancer patients worldwide new hope for a better life.


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