DCEMBER 2015, Adelaide:

It’s very hot in Adelaide at present, but keeping cool.

It’s nearly the anniversary of my diagnosis – 12 December 2007 (it’s funny that you forget a lot of things, but not the day you were told you had 4 months to live) – 8 years and counting! Yay!
Thanks to all my friends in China.
Not a lot to share, as life just goes on as before, having three weekly Alimta (pemetrexed) chemo, with one bad week, one ok week, then one good week – then line up again for chemo! What fun – not!
Due for another scan in January 2016.
Despite the usual side effects, I am really fortunate though to be still here, but hopeful that Keytruda will be the lifeline that all the mesowarriors are waiting for.
Everyone should sign the petition to get it on the PBS, as it has already been passed for lung cancer and melanoma. It has been very successful for those on the Keytruda trials.
I will definitely let you know if anything changes!

Wishing everyone a really great Christmas, and a fantastic 2016
Sending love and light to all, especially fellow mesowarriors!

Lorraine xoxo
Sheraton Houjie



Hi again,

Have been having a few issues with side effects from chemo – I have Alimta (pemetrexed) chemo every 3 weeks and whilst not ideal, on the other hand, worry that I will have an allergic reaction bad enough to have to stop Alimta as I had with cisplatin/alimta combination.

I had a scan recently and the good news is that there is no new growth.  So of course asked the oncologist if I could have a rest from chemo as it does get you down.  His response was that whilst it is ultimately up to me, the danger is that once the disease becomes active and could move quickly, that having a rest could mean that the chemo may not work again.  So I said, bring it on, chemo it is!  In the wise words of someone somewhere – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I just have to keep in mind now lucky I am to be here nearly 8 years after diagnosis and still have a great life!

Every Mesowarrior’s friend Lou, is doing such a great job of keeping mesotheiioma in the media, and the petition she has started to put Keytruda on the PBS for mesothelioma is admirable (everyone should sign the petition).  It’s really great to see that she is doing so well on Keytruda, especially as she came from being a few weeks away from death – now is looking good!

Love & light to everyone,



After 7.5 years of successful treatment to halt the progression of  mesothelioma, my condition has been considered stable with the disease confined to the left lung only.

Around 6 weeks ago, began to have severe pain in my back which inexplicably moved around with treatment so after having no real success, my Doctor suggested I have a CT Scan.  Even my Doctor was amazed at the results of the scan, having had so much success in keeping the mesothelioma stable.

The scan revealed that whilst there was no activity in the areas previously treated in China, there was new activity in three areas in the left lung and now in the right lung.  Wow!

My Oncologist in Adelaide advised that there has been no different treatments available today than there were 7.5 years ago when I was first diagnosed, even more so now that it is in both lungs.  The first thing to do was give me a number of pain killing drugs to give relief from the pain – I need not describe it to my other Meso Warriors!  On Monday next week I start with 2 chemo drugs every 3 weeks.

I am feeling really  confident that the chemo will again stop the progression, then I can look into the China option again.  After my problems with chemo before, I always said I would never have it again, but when your back is against the wall there are no nevers!   I told my oncologist that we have booked a cruise to New Zealand in November – so get cracking with the treatment.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers – love and light to everyone !